World’s Largest Movie Releases Per Year – It Happens Only in India

India takes its stand as one of the earliest film industries in the world. Throughout the early 1913 is for the Native american film received a general population screening. The first overseer to venture in the film industry and set a grand success was ‘Dadasaheb Phalke’. With his movie, ‘Rajah Harischandra’ had an extraordinary success due to the exuberant response of Indian masses. Since then, the Indian Film Sector practically never seemed back again. Bigg Boss 11

Hence started the strong of Indian Film industry and the growth of its caliber to continue this. In 1931, intro of sound in the films started the format in Indian films building song and dance as part of the storytelling. In addition, it split the film industry along language lines: these broadly being the Hindi belt in the north and the two other major language pads in the south along with the existing dialects. Thus India could create a distinct indigenous industry to serve its cinema-crazy, mainly illiterate audience. 

The gold age of Indian theatre found 1950’s where the actors and the beautiful actress’ became the gods and goddesses, along with directors producing spectacular and powerful films. Hence the film-stars ruled not simply the industry but also the hearts of the Native american indian film goers. This time also introduced playback vocal, giving rise to performers dominating the music industry for the next fifty percent century.

Films ran styles of social issues that interrogated not the particular institutions of marriage, dowry, and widowhood, but the grave inequities created by caste and class differences that received the evident reactions from the Native american indian masses. A few others that had mythological touch from the Indian Epics and others with the Indian History retold.

Films with a handsome good guy and beautiful heroine uniquely spun love stories with musical technology or dance sequences, of course with the atrocious villain as encumbrance to the sweet romance of the couple, increasing a lot of action between the duo became a great success and since became the key subject of most movies which were to come. The next technology of the film-stars handed down the role and level with their senior stories. These new stars substantially changed the landscape of the Indian entertainment industry with more of glamor and sensuality continuing to be the order of the day. The best budgeted movies were shot at international locations to find the attention of the viewers and grab the blockbuster positions.

At the turn of the centuries, Indian movies have observed the markets and the targets of ‘Bollywood’s’ traditional people change irrevocably. Films working with the current affairs and others that contained groundbreaking ideas took the business lead in order to the normal love story or love triangular that came into lifestyle the popular story bottom. With media rising to a fresh dimension, advance technology and the expansion of its horizons, ‘Bollywood’ released more number of movies with different story lines thus rising as the world’s most significant film producing industry. Not just acquiring Indian viewers but also film production company fans around the world, having been acknowledged in the film industry overseas. The future of Indian film’s success is determined by whether it can change and adapt to the requirements of this new market without having to lose its core personality; and whether the slumber of the world encourage it when it has.