Why Take a Luxury Train Safari?

Most of the people heading to Africa for a safari feel that they really know what to expect. Dirty game drives daily in a sizable 4×4 in search of animals, with a side of relaxation when they finally arrive in the lodge at night time. It’s a common enough holiday, if once-in-a-lifetime for many. Combining a luxury train journey with that holiday isn’t always a leap that folks make, but the time has come for the return of the luxury train getaway.

Travelling by train used to become luxury, if you were wealthy at least. It offered the interesting prospect of zipping along to a brand new destination. When trains were new, they truly offered travelling in comfort, with large luxurious carriages for the wealthy. They were elegant, truly prestige means of travel. This difference exists no longer, which is unquestionably a good thing for all, but it can do mean that travelling by train is now so commonplace and thus dull that occasionally we’d really just rather work. After all, you’re as prone to conclude standing crammed next to the loo as you are in a couch. luxury train travel orient express

Traveling by luxury teach in S. africa is an totally different and completely refreshing experience. Likely to feel as though if you’re in a luxury hotel found on vehicles, zipping along to the next vacation spot. The food, of course, will be excellent as well. You may even have to dress for dinner, a sure indication that you’re remembering the past. 

You will discover two different choices for travelling by luxury train. Have game drives and short puts a stop to along the way to better acquaint you with the African countryside. The first of the 2 teach options is the Rovos Rail, which operates just two trains. They are all are remodelled and refurbished classic trains and may even be drawn by a steam train locomotive if you’re lucky. The sleeper cars offer the most spacious train accommodation in the world, with deluxe double beds, a secure, air conditioning, a desk for writing, and even a mini pub fridge. Room service is 24/7; you’d find it difficult to assume that you weren’t in a luxury hotel unless you watch out the window to see the countryside running by.

The Blue Teach is the other luxury tour operator which operates trains through South The african continent. Billed as a moving elegant hotel, kings and presidents have used it to circumvent in the country, so you know it will be an amazing experience. Luxury rooms even include bathtubs, a digital entertainment centre, and a selection of movies and DVDs for your perusal. Between private fits are the lounge and club cars, where most likely able to sit, talk, and revel in a drink or play a board game to while away your time. The dining car is like a fine restaurant and evening wear for meal, with each meal ready from the freshest elements gathered over a day’s travelling through the country. There will be no packaged food for you aboard this luxurious teach, and if you’re looking for privacy or not ready for formality you can enjoy your dishes in your suite.