Vehicle Rental Damage Waiver? Say Yes!

You are renting a car or truck. While ranking at the rental table the clerk asks “Would you like the destruction waiver? ” You are in a rush so you say “no. ” You get in the vehicle and wonder if you made a good choice. Hopefully nothing will happen in your rental period.

What if you have an accident? Will your insurance cover the vehicle if something should happen? Everyone’s policy is exclusive to their needs. Examine with your insurance agent before you rent a vehicle. location camion montreal

Damage waiver is NOT insurance. It is what says. If you accept the rental business damage waiver it waives your responsibility for destruction incurred in your rental period.

Credit Card Coverage for Automobile Rentals

It really is true that many credit credit cards cover rental cars in case of an car accident. Visa, for instance will cover the rental car as long as you use that card for the deposit and rentals fees. Whenever your insurance company says they will cover the car, your Visa for australia will take care of the deductible and your insurance would choose up the rest. Look into the conditions of your credit card to see what they actually cover in case of an car accident. Generally you must decrease the rental company’s destruction waiver for the credit card company to pay. Specialty vehicles and opt for up trucks often flavor unpleasant covered. 

Truck Renting Vary Than Car Accommodations

Trucks are generally not covered by major credit cards. Many insurance companies do not cover the physical destruction to trucks. An exemption would be if you have a business insurance coverage. If you are booking a truck as a business you should consult the agency about commercial rentals. Different rules apply. You may also desire a special license depending on size of truck you are renting.

There are other conditions with damage waiver on truck rentals. Cost to do business damage is excluded from coverage with many companies. The rental service may also give a variety of damage waiver options at difference prices. Have your agent make clear the options so you can make an educated decision.

Carry out the smart thing, agree to the damage waiver. Stay away from the hassles and paperwork. Fill in the accident report and walk away. The car accident is between you and the rental company, your insurance is not alerted and your insurance rates will not likely go up.

If perhaps you still choose to decline damage waiver, be aware that you are in charge of the vehicle. You could also be in charge of the loss of leases while the vehicle is being repaired. That could could prove costly than the repair alone.