Truck Accident Lawyer – Why They Should Be Contacted Early in Case of an Accident?

Truck accident cases are quite somewhat different than car accident cases. There are a variety of reasons, but the principal reason is that vans are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Protection Regulations. These regulations are voluminous and technical. This kind of is for valid reason. Regarding to the US Office of Transportation, there are more than 400, 1000 truck accidents each 12 months in the United Says. And of these, about 5, 000 ended in deaths. Of those, almost 80 percent of the fatalities were occupants in another vehicle. Since a tractor -trailer can weigh upwards of 75, 000 lbs., these results are, unfortunately, not unexpected. The Callahan Law Firm

All trucking companies must comply with these federal regulations. Often times, the actual wrongdoer is not merely the truck drivers, but also the transportation company for not properly training the driving push. Other causes of transportation accidents include shoddy maintenance, over-loaded trucks or drivers fatigue. It is finally the trucking company’s responsibility to educate and properly train each driver before putting them on the highway. The heart of such a case centers on the truck accident attorney’s research of the trucking provider’s policies and practices relating to their drivers. 

This is important for a 52 pick up crash legal professional to join up early on in the case in order to, among other things, preserve evidence. Motorists are required to keep an accurate log of their driving time. Help to make more money, some companies get their drivers traveling more hours than authorized under the federal rules. Some companies have even devised incentive programs for drivers that reward them with bonuses when they drive more hours. While a result, this sets more fatigued drivers on the road which makes it more likely that serious accidents will happen. The federal regulations only require the trucking companies to keep driver sign records for six a few months. It is critical for the legal professional to have a chance to deliver a letter to the trucking company to save all logs and other evidence before they toss it away. Also, the quicker an legal professional can start the investigation, the much more likely he will be able to examine evidence that is still “fresh”. Early on investigation is critical and evidence collected is extremely beneficial while settling pickup truck accident claims.