Tree Cutting DIY Guide

Woods cutting is something that will in most cases be left to the specialists to handle. That being said if the shrub you want to lower down is relatively small , short it is something that you should be able to handle if you know how. Even so, be sure you remain safe at all times by placing on a helmet, glasses and gloves. tree cutting

The tools

Before you can start cutting a tree be sure that you have the following tools:

– Kevlar lower-leg coverings, steel toe boots, a tough hat, goggles and robust gloves
– A sharp chainsaw with a full tank of gas
– Rope
– Steps
– Wedges
– Ax

Examine the tree and answer the following questions:

– What direction will the tree lean in?
– Are there any broken or dead limbs?
– Is the area in which the forest is supposed to fall safe?
– Are branches from near by trees in the way?

Once you have answered the above mentioned questions you can now follow the below tree cutting steps:

Step no. 1: Engage the tree with your ax if it noises hollow the tree may be dying or lifeless. If it sounds stable then it is live and so more difficult to take down. Engage different points on the tree to find a spot which is much easier to cut.