The Weekly Protein Diet

Inside the 70s, a healthy proteins diet which was established on high protein and low carbs were marketed. In fact, it has found a resurgence for folks who want to quickly lose weight. But is a weekly protein diet for you? Read on.

There are lots of diets based around protein but depending on what you are interested in. ideal protein phase 1


This diet features a calculation of necessary protein needs. For those who have been interested or curious of diet programs that look towards necessary protein needs, the best way to determine how much protein you need is for each and every 0. 6 grms of protein per pound. It can be then followed by calculating lean muscle mass and carb supply are typically restricted to 30 to 50 gr daily and typically suggested for short term weight loss, not long-term. 


The Atkins Diet is one of the more popular protein based diets that give attention to has low fats fat. The diet has four phases but the first phase referred to as “Induction” phase is strict as it people can easily consume no more than 20 total daily grams. During the first two weeks, participants must not neat any dairy, fruits, grains, cereals, bread or any foods high on the “Glycemic Index” such as potatoes, peas, corn or carrots. Medical professional. Atkins has provided a listing of food in the books of which people are required to follow.


The high protein low-carb diet was a major diet marketed by physicians in the 70s. However, at the time, there was not much published research on saturated fat, trans-fat and heart disease in that time. Of course, many athletes try to give attention to a high-protein diet but the question as if you are active enough like an athlete.

A weekly protein diet can mean a lot of meat and eggs but no carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes, pasta or rice. Protein can be found in large amounts through foods such as red meat, seafood, chicken, eggs and cheese. Although because the goal is for lower carbs and reducing your weight quickly, pasta, breads, potatoes, fruit and fruit and vegetables are a no-no.


A lot of people who have recently been on a high proteins and low carb diet have found that they have gone through feelings changes and a huge craving for high carbohydrate foods and snacks. In which studies have shown for high carb diets to raise the level of serotonin for increasing feelings and appetite, they also experienced less cravings than a person on the high protein diet.

Many who go for high necessary protein and low carb diets sometimes want to achieve fast weight loss in a quick term. So, what people are losing are water weight. By famished the body from cabohydrate supply, it takes energy from it’s glycogen sources. Nevertheless once your carb consumption returns to normal, a person can expect their water-weight to return.