The Usage of Leeches

Leeches can be used in many applications especially for medical and cosmetic goal. Traditional use of leeches is by letting the leech to suck blood vessels of the patient’s body to relief symptoms like headache and join pain. Leech oil is known to the area community for boosting the sex functionality of man. In India, it can be used for protecting against hair loss. Chinese treatments use leech as and ingredient for various treatments. Modern medicine uses the ingredient extracted from parasite to cure blood related diseases. leech oil

Leeches have recently been used for medical purposes since over 2000 years ago. One example is using leeches to pull out the blood in the body to realise the therapeutic purpose. Today there exists a real clinical application in this method; they are of great value to cheap surgeons when venous traffic jam of skin and muscle flaps is a problem. The leech can draw the blood at the joint where blood is clogged and make it flow again. Leeches today are being used in plastic and reconstructive surgery worldwide. There is successful ongoing research into relieving symptoms of osteo arthritis by using leech. 
1 bigger progress in using leeches in medical field is that they have been approved in America use with remedy purposes. Live leech are being distributed to varied location in the country and also worldwide for use. Following sucking the blood, leeches are treated in the same way as other blood treatment procedure that they only can be used about the same patient. This kind of is mainly to stop the spreading of ailment that carried by blood.

Different use of leeches also contains treatment of dark-colored eyes. Hirudin, the anti-coagulant from leech can be used in treating irritation of the middle headsets. It is also being developed for experimental use as a systemic anticoagulant, and may prove useful in invitro blood sample. By extracting the anti-clotting serum from the parasite researchers are isolating new pharmaceutical compounds for final treatment of heart diseases.

From your history, leech was indispensable in 19th 100 years medicine for bloodletting, a practice believed to be a cure for nearly anything from headaches to gout symptoms. The medicinal leech is getting popular in modern medicine due to work of Dr. Roy Sawyer, an American scientist who established the world’s first leech farm.

Thousands of patients owe the successful reattachment of body parts to technological advances in plastic and reconstructive surgery; at least many of these businesses might have failed if leeches had not recently been reintroduced into the working room. The important thing to success is from what contain in the leech attack, which punctures an injury that bleeds literally for hours. The leech’s drool contains substances that anaesthetize the wound area, dilate the blood vessels to increase blood flow, at the same time avoid the blood from clotting. Generally the surgeon can get blood to flow in the reattached arteries but is not veins. With the venous circulation severely compromised, the blood see the reattached little finger becomes congested; the reattached portion turns blue and lifeless and it is at serious risk of being lost. At this time leeches commence to play their major role in letting go of the clotting bloodstream.

Leech farming is an industry that gets more popular as more parasite consumption has been founded. One reason is also due to the amount of leeches getting smaller in the wild, after the heavy consumption of insecticide and pesticide. Even more researches are on heading in discovering the uses of leech that can help us to get rid of the blood related problem such as heart diseases and also high bad cholesterol in our body. The role of leech will change from a bloodstream sucking creature that is feared by many people to a great gadget in our health.