The Salkantay Trek – The Alternative Route to Machu Picchu

Once trekking to Machu Picchu in South Central Peru, one of the most popular routes is the Inca trail. However, other options for achieving the beautiful Inca ruins is present, and one of the more challenging routes is the Salkantay trek. inca jungle

By simply choosing the Salkantay journey you will get the chance to discover the Andes Mountains from a new perspective on a less touristy trail. The Salkantay trek takes 4, 650 meters above sea level, challenge you through 74 kilometers, and have absolutely you the amazing view of Peru from above on a 5 or 6-day trek. Whereas the Inca trail usually lasts 5 days, goes through roughly 50 kilometers of hiking along the ruins, and the highest point you reach is approximately 3, 900 meters above sea level.

Doing the Salkantay trek you will get to experience this holy paths’ mind-blowing scenery of glacier-capped summits, lowland new world and at the end of your trek, you will have the sunrise above the stunning Machu Picchu. This trek is explained as an amazing experience for the adventurous vacationer who seeks to task himself, and for many who are looking for somewhat more level of privacy and an alternative to the crowded Inca path. The Salkantay trek does indeed also provide you the first possibility to see Machu Picchu on a distance from an opposite mountain, if you choose to do an extra, short trek to the Huayna Picchu maximum. The Salkantay trek has been said to offer the perfect mix of trekking, culture and character, and said to be amidst the 25 best treks in the Community. Mount Salkantay reaches an impressive 6, 271 metres above sea level, and got its name from the traditional quechua vocabulary by which ‘Salkantay’ means ferocious, wild or uncivilized. Hence the mountain earned the name ‘the Savage Mountain’.

As a result of popularity and many crowds wanting to journey the Inca trail, the Peruvian government has put restrictions to the amount of daily visitors. Therefore the Salkantay trek is an excellent alternative, as it is putting less pressure on the Inca trail. Furthermore, the Inca trail requires that you book the trip months in progress, whereas the Salkantay travel is available for every person, without the limitations on amount of participants or lets. You should be aware of the it is a more challenging trek.

If you wish to do the Salkantay trek, you should also consider the weather conditions. One of the most recommended season is May well to November, which is the dry season. This really is though also the chillier time of the season in the Andes, and temperatures might drop below freezing during the evening. The most famous and so most congested months are during the summer (June-August), which is also the dry season in the mountains. In the event you want to appreciate the forest, mountain panoramas and Machu Picchu in bloom, you should go during the wet season from December to The spring. However you should expect daily showers during these months, and especially heavy rain during February.

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