The Dallas Cowboys Schedule

The Dallas Cowboys schedule, like the schedules of all of the other AMERICAN FOOTBAL teams, always includes regular games against the department rivals. This causes some pretty powerful rivalries being developed over many years of playing against the same team.

When it comes to Based in dallas, the rivalry with the Washington Redskins went on to be regarded as one of the popular rivalries in the background of all sports. This kind of is not surprising, as the issues all started long before any football was actually played. Dallas got applied to the AMERICAN FOOTBAL for an expansion business, and this had recently been opposed by Washington, who at the time were the only southern team in the NFL.

Up with the Dallas Cowboys, down with the Redskins!

This totally selfish and unjustified protest led to the potential owners buying the rights to the Washington Redskins famous track “Hail To The Redskins”, and threatening to prevent the Redskins from participating in the song during their home games. This added to the Redskins’ owner, George Preston Marshall, supporting down, and the Based in dallas franchise was formed. Dallas Cowboys schedule 2017

Seeing that then, there are many occasions of high competition and powerful rivalry between two highly successful franchises. Quite possibly the closest moment of came in 1973, when the 2 combatants met in the Monday Night Sports game for the first time. Washington safety Ashton kutcher Houston brought Dallas jogger Walt Garrison down on the 1 yard series, right as time happened to run out. Had Garrison won, the Cowboys could have tied the game with the point after. Generally there was no overtime again in 1973. 

This can be significantly from the only extreme rivalry in the Based in dallas Cowboys schedule. The Phila. Eagles are another team in the same section with whom the Cowboys have a long set up and extreme rivalry. If perhaps we go back to 1974, the Cowboys were over a record of ten consecutive post season performances, before Philadelphia hosted them on September 23rd. Phila. pulled off a surprise win, as a result of a ninety-seven yard fumble return for a touchdown, and a 45 yard field goal, kicked right at the finish of the game.
The Cowboys supremacy in the NFC of the later 70s was apparently busted when Philadelphia were able to beat them in the 1980 Championship Video game, by 20-7.

Th competition was to get worse. In 1989, the Cowboys’ home game held on Thanksgiving was one of the ugliest in AMERICAN FOOTBAL history. The fighting that had broken out between teams was getting even worse, before kicker Luis Zendejas was taken out of the game experiencing vol. Eagles’ coach Buddy Jones was later accused of issuing bounties on superstar quarterback Troy Aikman, as well as kicker Zendejas. This rivalry remains one of the nastiest in the NFL, and the Eagles games are two of the hardest fought against in the Dallas Cowboys Schedule.