The Church of England on Spiritualism

Following two years of checking out the situation of whether communication from lack of death was genuine the Church of England produced a report and then put it on the shelf, as it were, out of the way. It could now be seen in full online. Church of England

The activities that many people from all walks of life experienced with genuine mediums was impossible to deny. The Church actually put up the idea there was no technological proof, although they could not in all for deny that their own beliefs have no medical proof either.

It is fascinating that Archbishop Lang, one of the writers of the report, is recorded as communicating after his death through Leslie Flint, the popular direct-voice medium who operated in London for over 60 years. In that concept the former Archbishop apologized for his part in suppressing the report. This kind of too can be utilized online.

There can be problems with communications from the other side, and of course the cynics have emphasised these to an extreme. Both the church and science, and indeed large parts of society, have battered the reputation of psychics so brutally and relentlessly that numerous ordinary people are scared to even mention the subject. 

Fear just might be the biggest enemy of humankind. It is Fear that creates demons and demons which may have no actual 3rd party reality of their own. There is no Satan. All such dark beings are invented by Dread in the imagination. While such, there is a certain kind of truth, but do not are present as beings outside of fearful Thought.

In several sessions based on a high-quality mediums I have found only Love and Light, and astonishing precision. When I commenced my search I was as skeptical as anybody, but I soon found the evidence was undeniable. My spouse and i is not stupid, and I know there are fake mediums out there. Everything real can be imitated. This does not mean the real thing does not exist. We are not a spiritualist in religious conditions as they include among their beliefs the thought of retribution for sin, that is not something that really happens. Were beings having an evolutionary experience; we are not sinners.

There are no dead people. Fatality is a doorway to a new dimension of Life. Our loved ones passed over are not asleep, whether in the arms of Jesus or anywhere else. Their individuality are not extinct. They will are more alive than ever and fully aware of more than our company is. They can see all of us that help us on our earth journey, until we inevitably join them in the same caring relationships as before. They will have bodies already, so might be not ready for some mythical reappearance; regrowth at the end of time. These distortions of reality have been very damaging to the improvement in evolving your competition to greater heights.

We only emphasize these factors in the light of overwhelming evidence that is available to anybody if we search it away. I was buried in traditional thought for many years unable to go out of accepted theories, but We were then astounded that so much evidence was already available.