The Best Business Communication Technology Ever

Social websites and technology have made it incredibly easy to hook up with others. Really great to know that with tools like Skype ip telefoni and others, you can hook up instantly and in real time with a colleague or member of the family across town, across the country, or around the world. That said, nothing beats (or at any time will beat) face-to-face, real time contact. David’s Turn the ship around

I’m currently participating the twelve-monthly convention of my industry organization, the National Speakers Association (NSA). The sessions-both the overall periods as well as the breakouts-have been outstanding. Although for me, the very best value at this conference (as using previous NO-STRINGS-ATTACHED conventions that I’ve attended) has come from the impromptu conversations in the hallway, the bar, the restaurant-even (in one case) in the restroom. 

When you have ever attended a meeting for your industry, I’m certain you’ve had the same experience (right? ). Most likely walking down the corridor, you observe a colleague getting close to, therefore you remember that previous year she was facing the same challenge you happen to be facing right now. So you stop and say, “Hey, Shelly, how did you finally resolve that situation you were in? inch You have a quick, spontaneous conversation, and the conference has now paid for itself.

If the Great Recession hit, many organizations stopped having an gross annual meeting. They discovered, “Hey, we can do virtual events, create a LinkedIn group, maybe have a far smaller appointment with only senior personnel. ” Look, all of the things are great. They’re important tools for business communication. But within a yr or two, these same organizations realized the value of putting people in the same room. Because the best technology for business communication ever is live, in person, face-to-face human being interaction.

This doesn’t just apply at large conferences and conventions. In a review on team communication printed by Harvard Business Analysis in April 2012, the most valuable form of communication was face-to-face. (Second was phone or videoconference, although these became less effective as more people participate. )

What will all of this mean for you and your teams? That means that if you need to produce better results, you need to find techniques to get your team members together, in the same room, talking face-to-face. If your team works in the same building, encourage them to get out of their seats and walk to each other’s spaces rather than making a quick call or sending an email to someone who’s only a few feet, or the floor or two, away. If your team is more spread away, make sure they have a chance, on at least an gross annual most basic, to get together face-to-face.

In the end, that next hall conversation could be the the one that propels your team, and your organization, in the stratosphere!