Spearfishing Essentials Every Spearo Must Have

Coming from being one of the oldest and most traditional method of fishing that been with us for millennia, spearfishing has become incredible to being a weekend sport to one of the most competitive extreme sports in the world. For spearos, nothing at all is more exciting than catching elusive prey deep under water and growing from the depths of obscurity to meteoric height of success. Spearfishing knife

There are many places around the world where one can spearfish. Once you grasp the techniques and skills must be the best spearo, cold water, strong tides and rough seas are no hindrance. Being truly physically fit and an expert at holding your breath under water also ensures you will go on long in this sport. Nevertheless , one thing you cannot do without is essential spear fishing items and while it can be tempting to get every piece of equipment you see they have or online, you only really need very few things to be the best at this hugely-popular sport. Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Spearfishing knife images

The first and only thing you need to remember when buying spearfishing gear is to buy those that are specifically suitable for one-breath diving because they do not only save you money in the long term, they also make certain you become a spearfishing expert in no time. Hence, the most essential gear for spearfishing would be the subsequent:

Face masks

Low volume goggles with tempered lens and ones that fit near the eye and offers excellent underwater vision are what manufacturers are focusing on these days and it is also the best type of mask for one-breath diving. To try the quality of your face mask, put it on without the strap, making sure it is covering your eyes and nose. Inhale gently and if it stays set up by suction, then you have yourself a great cover up, if not it’s time to will leave your site and go to another shop.


The fins you buy need to be powerful enough to help you accelerate and deal with strong tides and currents. You may choose between those that fit like shoes or those with adjustable heel straps just make sure they can fit correctly and perfectly in particular when you wear snorkeling boots. Too tight and your feet will cramp, too loose and it will fall off under water.


Snorkels are essential as they be sure to can breathe effortlessly under water. Get ones that are made from silicon rubber as these are comfortable and significantly reduce mouth soreness. A snorkelling with a sizable bore computing 2 cm-2Ncm is advised for better breathing.


Nothing is crucial than keeping warm under normal water so a wetsuit with a snug fit, with a hood attached to the jacket and no zippers are recommended. The trousers must also fit well as loose ones will lead to painful rubs.

Weight devices

Weight devices are essential to deal with the buoyancy of your neoprene wetsuit. You must start at the least heavy weight and keep adding until you reach fairly neutral buoyancy levels at absolute depths between 3m to 5m. To test unwanted weight devices, dive to a range of 3m then stop. If you slowly drift back to the surface, you’ve got the right weight.