Six Free Android Apps For Business Productivity

Period equals money in the business world. If you are a tiny business owner or an executive in a huge organization, business productivity has a big impact on the bottom line. Smartphone devices are useful tools to help manage business related tasks, organize files and share information. Here is a set of completely free applications available on the Android phone can improve business productivity. koko time

Dropbox – File sharing is an important part of daily business tasks. This kind of cloud based service allows users to instantly discuss documents and images which can be accessed from anywhere. When you set up a free account on Dropbox. com and install the small piece of software on your desktop computer, you can create version that can be distributed between clients and fellow workers. Sharing is as simple as copying or transferring and dropping the data file into a folder in your Dropbox on your desktop. Files are instantly synced on your mobile device and stored on the Dropbox server in the cloud. It is also a great way to quickly transfer data files directly from your touch screen phone to your desktop computer without needing to be physically linked. 

Astrid Task – Receiving tasks completed in a timely fashion is key to any business procedure. Time management issues and disorganization often mean that important tasks can land through the cracks or deadlines can be overlooked. Astrid Task Manager is an easy-to-use to-do list that allows you to create checklists, prioritize jobs, build alerts and routine reminders. It syncs with Google Tasks and Diary which means that your information is always at your fingertips. To-do lists can be distributed among office staff to distribute tasks.

Evernote – In this age of fast paced technology, we are constantly bombarded with information. Trying to keep in mind everything can be a challenge. This is how Evernote does a great job. This free service enables you take notes that are saved online, record photographs and business invoices, create to-do lists to keep track of your tasks, and record tone reminders. Everything is readable and synced across your computers and devices. Records can be emailed or shared with friends or colleagues across Facebook.

Yahoo Docs – Google’s collection of web-based office applications has become a selection available world as acquaintances can share and work together on documents with simplicity. The Android version syncs with the internet version making your entire documents mobile. You can even scan documents with your phone’s camera that are converted to Google Documents. This software is vital for anyone who uses Google Docs on a regular basis.

GTasks – Google Tasks is a to-do list inventor that is created into Googlemail. Emails can be changed into tasks and scheduled dates are pushed to Google Calendar. The GTasks Android iphone app synchronizes your tasks to your mobile device so you wear them the go. The task lists can be shared through email, instant messaging, or Google Documents. Even better, they’re all searchable for easy business.

AK Notepad – This kind of simple note taking app lets you set simple guidelines and promote your paperwork through txt messaging and email. Notes can be structured by tags or pinned to your home display for quick reminders. Also you can export your notes to other services like “mind keep” or Catch. com.

A variety of00 applications available for the Android touch screen phone, it’s easy to see that the variety of business related applications are plentiful. By pushing your productivity to the next level, the Android smart phone has become an fundamental tool for anyone who manages or operates a business.