SIP Trunk – How to Use the Technology

DRINK trunking or simply DRINK trunk is now becoming very popular surrounding the world mainly due to savings that it generate. On average Sip Trunk users can save just as much as 70% on telephone bills therefore of a more affordable dial rates and lower line lease fees. In fact the technology is widely used it is currently one of the speediest growing business communication solution overlapping other VoIP technologies. SIP trunks

The idea of SIP start is very easy to understand, it is able to convey cheaper call rates without compromising the call quality due to service provider’s IP network and servers. In a traditional phone line calls are routed by using a PRI or Primary Rate Interface which is a communication process along with the PSTN or Public Switched Cell phone Network. Each time a call uses both of these protocols and network the company are being charge thus call rates become significantly higher. In a DRINK trunk the PRI is bypassed by the IP network, private server and only uses a tiny amount of PSTN. Consequently call charges are significantly lower. 

However, how the technology works is not the key blunder for many business owners to adapt a SIP trunk. Often times the big question is how to start out using it. Generally all IP PBX systems are capable of by using a SIP line but older model handsets may well not be able to support such protocol and may need some hardware update. A SIP card may be inserted to these handsets to run the required firmware and applications needed in a SIP trunk area.

But SIP cards aren’t a fail proof solution for all handsets. Right now there are really old models that cannot accommodate such upgrade. In this circumstance it is best that you purchase an IP phone rather than modifying your existing handsets. There are a wide array of affordable IP mobile phones available in the market today that helps SIP protocols without a problem. Whatever the brand and model virtually all IP mobile phones are also equipped with the latest music codec and firmware so call quality are not an concern.

Apart from getting the appropriate handsets, another important aspect in by using a SIP shoe is the internet. End up being sure that you have sufficient bandwidth to cater to your expected call traffic to prevent any jitters and delay. Normally companies will advise you to obtain a business plan with your ISP particularly if you will be sharing the interconnection with your computer.

In the event you manage to match these simple requirements then you could expect to enjoy a low cost and effective business communication solution for your business.