Shawshank Redemption Movie Review

Declare what? What kind of name is this? I actually have never been aware of this move……. well they are the thoughts that pop into the heads of about 60% of the people when they hear something about the movie. On the other hand it’s a little known reality this movie is the no. 1 movie on IMDB, and certainly, it did beat The Godfather. Inspired from a Stephen King novel TSR is among those movies that leave you considering those small occasions anytime, the their that really matter, the ones that every person neglects to notice. this is the movie that has spawned a thousand Morgan Freeman voice overs. That deserves to stand right next to The Godfather, Gone Together with the Wind, Resident Cane and other timeless classics in the pantheon of great films however for some reason the beauty of this masterpiece is not seen by all. the movie tells the history of Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) who is wrongfully accused of murdering his wife and her mate and is sentenced to consecutive life sentences at the Shawshank prison in Maine. it portrays Andy spending practically two many years in the prison and his friendship with red (Morgan Freeman). yesmovies

A number of the views portrayed in film development company are quite sickening to say the least however the way these views have been executed is the difference between any other prison movie and TSR. TSR instills a feeling of hope inside everyone that will bring doing what you do, keep trying, because one of these days dreams will become an actuality, as in the move. I am throwing a lttle bit of a spoiler by saying that the move will have a good ending but the closing is the most beautiful part of the movie and I just could not resist. The way is top notch. This kind of very easily is outspoken dragon’s best work, without doubt. 

And now the performances, Tim Robins gives one of his most endearing performances as Andy Dufresne. I mean you root for the persona and feel his pain, share his joy. This individual truly deserved an Oscar, which however he would not get. Morgan freeman got one though and boy, did he are worthy of it or what? This individual is fantastic as red, who is merely an normal guy just that she has killed someone. His performance and especially his words over towards the end of the movie is heart warming. The cinematography is excellent, editing is crisp which was essential for this move because it has a tendency to get gradual at times however the innovative dialogs keep the heading ones interesting. Now a confession, I never be sad, especially while watching a movie but this movie was the closest thing that I have come to crying while seeing a movie and certainly it is the closing, I was smiling extensively but I could feel my eyes were watering, not because of some tragedy but out of genuine joy. That’s the thing relating to this movie, it gets you so mentally involved. overall this movie is a real cinematic work of art and I beg to all who have read this review to immediately see this movie immediately because we only live once and the Shaw shank redemption truly is an once in a life time kind of movie. Go see it and hope because apprehension holds you prisoner, trust can set you free.