Retrofit a Basement in Dublin, Ireland – Case Study 3 of 3

Site: Upper Lesson street – Dublin 2

Type of House: A Mid Patio Georgian residential building. This kind of three story over basements had been completely restored by The Basement Professionals, to restore it to its former glory after years as student accommodation. Santa Monica soft story

With this house the existing basement only spanned under the front section of the house and was better referred to as a cellar as it could be not be used as usable space. Briefly place it was a 33 m2 damp store room with a brief history of flooding. Our job was to convert this basements into useable rooms also to extend the basement below the remainder of the building which amounted to an additional 22 m2 of living space.

The development phase lasted being unfaithful weeks and required nineteen 12 cubic yard skips and 16 meters of underpining to the existing foundations into a range of 1. 5 metre distances. Because there had recently been problems previously with other basement projects in this terrace, a complete dilapidation study was completed and current throughout the project. A dilapidation survey maps the exact status of the building before during after development to see just what changes occur if any during construction.

To combat the flooding problem we made a filtration layer, under the concrete floor piece, which drains to a sump with duel pushes. In this way any flood water will be quickly pumped from the site before penetrating the living spaces.

By the end of this project, the householder had four floors high were three and a cellar. The client then proceeded to use part of the basement to put in a high specification air flow system and heating system. In the remaining much larger part of the cellars . which had good light we built a personal contained flat, which was going to be used for an Au couple but could on time be a “granny flat” or a standalone apartment as a source of rentals income.