Pros and Cons of a Surgical Hair Transplant

A number of the major causes of curly hair loss are male style baldness, scalp injuries and hair thinning in women due to the natural aging process or de adn imbalances. Hair transplant methods are incredibly common nowadays and can successfully restore lost hair. Results may differ from person to person, but it is unquestionably a great way to restore your appearance. fue hårtransplantation tyrkiet

However, there is a lot of controversy regarding whether treatment has permanent effects and whether it accelerates hair regrowth etc. Here we discuss the various pros and cons of surgical curly hair transplant procedures:

PRO: Lengthy term results 

Hair hair transplant surgery is conducted in multiple stages. But once the procedure is complete, there is no need for repeat treatments. This kind of makes this kind of treatment very cost effective as compared to some other hair re-growth treatments that are offered. There is also no need to use continuous medication for the effects to last. Total, surgical transplant has permanent results.

PRO: Re-growth

The patient’s natural hair follicles are relocated to the bald area. These hair follicles then behave as natural hair follicles and advance hair regrowth. This again is not a non permanent arrangement. Normal hair grows within 3 to six months of the transplant.

CON: Part Effects

Hair transplant surgery has its own area effects. Some of the most frequent side associated with this procedure include infected follicles of hair. There is also a likelihood of decrease of the transplanted hair. Scalp swelling and itching a few unavoidable after effects of this method. Some patients also experience numbness of the head. Last but not the least, some patients also complain of unnatural looking transplanted hair.

CON: Scarring damage

Usually, hair transplant surgical treatments are successful. But sometimes the head of curly hair follicles die before the new hair grows. Lumps occur on the skin area at the transplant sites. Sometimes wide areas of scarring are seen on the scalp. Scarring could give a very not naturally made look for the new frizzy hair and the whole goal of hair transplant is lost.

Well, there are many positive aspects to consider for hair transplant surgery. The success rates are definitely high. There are numerous who have benefited from this sort of surgery. It adds to the aesthetic value of your looks. Well, for any surgical procedure, there are risks involved. Fairly, this surgery does not include any life intimidating risks.

This simple treatment that harvests hair from one area of your head and relocates them to another area is seen as an encouraging alternative to quickly fix the condition of balding or hair thinning. It is a short procedure with great benefits. Before you take a decision, ensure that you understand all the pros and cons of this procedure.