Nutrition – Pet Food or Junk Food

For years I’ve felt, believed and experienced that nutrition is vital to health. Rubbish gets into and the consequence is poor health. Might be not immediately but definitely it will add up to a toxic level and cause illness. This kind of goes for all life. No one or being lives forever, obviously, however we wish to extend the time we have and make the time we have a normal one. live long nutrition

During my hundreds and hundreds of hours research in examining dog foods I found the most exceptional things. A few of what I found was shocking and other facts were down right disgusting. For starters, your dog food industry is totally unregulated meaning that manufacturers can, is to do, put whatever they want into “food”. There are documented reports of dog waste products, ground up dog carcasses, non individual edible grade products, and other animal wastes put into dog foods. These kinds of acts are not common myths or legends unfortunately. 

Amongst the ingredients in about 99. 99% of dog foods you will find sugar, salt, corn, phosphates, artificial flavors and colorings. It appears as if the simple dog food has turned into a fast food garbage drop.

Dogs are naturally flesh eaters and scavengers however since their domestication they may have relied on human being assist in the nutrition area. As moved from fresh foods to processed foods so have our pups. Just like us our dogs have now handed down human like modern diseases (from cancer, diabetes, and skin ailments to early on death).

Veterinarian Dr Linda Bicks has written that dogs should be moving into kids of 18-25 years old. It had been supported by friends of mine from other countries where canines that consume “closer to the earth” commonly live to those ages. Quite simply we are killing our dog with processed foods.

I have to admit to having certain biases based after personal experience, knowledge about health, and what We’ve learned. For example, we have a lot of literature on the inability of family pets to assimilate fractioned diet. Precisely what is fractionated nutrition? It is nutritional vitamins and supplements. Check the grocery store or even some of the high grade dog food brands and you’ll find them loaded with vitamins and supplements. But, it doesn’t mean they are good!

Allow me to describe. The processing of and extracting of “nutritional value” causes molecular dissimilarities between food and these “vitamins”. The result is that the entire body doesn’t assimilate it. Listed below are set of some of the things you loose with fractionated vitamins over foods: compound nutritional supplements, track minerals, enzymes, flavonoids, carotenoids, pigments, terpenes, chlorophyll, coenzymes, covitamins, amino acids and much more.

Animals not necessarily designed to consume fractionated nutrition. Animals are designed to consume food not chemicals. The idea that changed nutrition fulfills the human body’s requirements is false. This kind of goes for all pets not simply humans.

So, the movement toward providing canines with raw (such as the BARF diet) and pure foods is a fantastic one. As a dog owner I know it might be rough to provide and shop for my dogs like they are humans but it is very important for them to be healthy and live long lives.