MSN Not Working – How to Remove Windows Live Messenger

A large number of People frequently face BING Messenger problems. They make a complaint MSN not working or are new to the new version trying to remove it from their computer and reinstall. Yet most cannot successfully remove it. How can we have rid of this problem?

Now without a doubt how to remove it from your computer. New Windows Live Messenger 9. 0 has recently been integrated with Live Motion picture Maker, Mail, Writer, Image Gallery, Family Safety, Prospect Connector and other Home windows utilities. So you can not find it in the Add/Remove Programs. Microsoft company have replaced the name with Windows Live Basics. If you eliminate it, you will uninstall all the components together too.

You may remove it by two ways. Let me list them both below. If perhaps you can’t uninstall it successfully with the first method, you can test the second one. Just the actual teaching below.

1. Use Add/Remove Programs.

Go to Add/Remove Programs and find Glass windows Live Essentials. Click on Change / Remove and a dialog will put up. You can choose Repair or Uninstall. If perhaps you occur to make a decision on repair, MSN will be repaired. If you choose uninstall, all the programs will be wiped from your PC.

Once you complete the steps above, you might reinstall it on your PC. If you fail to find the icon of Windows Live Essentials in Add/Remove Courses. you are able to use the method below.

2. Use CMD. exe

Follow the steps below:
a. Click on Start – Run, then enter “cmd”. Window C: \WINDOWS\system32\cmd. exe will take up.
b. Then type “MsiExec. exe /X A9D94100-37D6-4D7B-A795-BD050BA9602B ” and press Enter into.
c. Then Windows Installation technician will ask you “Are you be certain to want to uninstall the product? “. Mouse click on Yes.

The very last method is very effective in removing windows messenger. I actually suggest many people use this method. Many of them efficiently removed it and fix all problems. Only few failed.