Leveraging Technology for Organisational Excellence

Technology & HR-Leverage one for the other: “Technology and HR are enablers of business. Integration of both would mean not only harmonious co-existence but also leveraging one for the other. Leveraging of technology for HR would indicate digitizing the mundane AN HOUR activities and automating the back office and transactional activities related to hiring, performance management, career planning, and succession planning, training and knowledge management. Leverage HR for technology suggests managing change associated with technology by way of communication, training, hiring, re-training, stakeholder analysis and mindful keeping. Thus they can play complementary roles. inchesĀ mergertechnology

Technology and HR both have a very important factor common i. e., the two are enablers of business.

In recent times, technology has become synonymous with information technology, as extremely little other technological development of days gone by would have impacted all spectrum of business as i . t has impacted. Regardless of the sort of business you are in i. elizabeth., services or goods, item or branded, trading or manufacturing, modern-day or traditional deployment details technology in one form or maybe the other is a formality. To manage and deploy technology in a powerful way, all business Organizations would need knowledge workers. Managing of these knowledge personnel is the responsibility of HR function. Hence the integration of technology and HR is mandatory.

Having understood technology and HR in the present context we should understand integration in this situation. Integration would not only mean harmonious co-existing but would also mean one boosting and complementing the other i. e., technology can be used to enhance performance of HR and AN HOUR functions helps in using and managing change which technology deployment brings in.

Leveraging technology for HUMAN RESOURCES

HR management as a function is in charge of giveaways like business strategy setup, administrative efficiency, employee contributions and capacity for change. These are accomplished through what HR people do i. e., staffing, development, settlement, benefits, communicate organization design, high performing teams and so on. In the greater part of these areas technology is being deployed.