How to Treat External Hemorrhoids Without Surgery – Self Care Treatments to Stop the Pain

Among the most frequent conditions most people suffer from is hemorrhoid distress. Actually half of the world’s population is forecasted to experience this condition when they reach the age of 50. Como tratar hemorroida externa

Hemroids is also known as piles and it is a condition where the veins around the and can or lower rectum are swollen and inflamed. Generally there are different categories of leg veins that surround the anal area and anus. One group is the internal leg veins which can swell and form internal hemorrhoids, and the other group is called the external veins which can swell to form external hemorrhoids. 

Increased pressure within the external leg veins is exactly what causes external hemorrhoids to produce. Some of the things that can cause this increase in pressure include: straining to move stool, aging, pregnancy, lean meats disease, anal intercourse, unhealthy weight, and low fiber diet.

People who have problems with this form of piles are in a great package of discomfort and pain due to the anal itch and bleeding that occurs. This is exactly why many people want to know how to treat external hemorrhoid distress to allow them to stop the pain.

Sometimes this condition can become even more agonizing if it develops into thrombosed hemorrhoids. This is when a blood clog occurs in the exterior piles besides making it become even more irritated, which will cause even more pain. The pain that occurs will end up more serious during bowel movements and while sitting.

For most people self care treatment methods at research effective enough to eliminate the pain, discomfort, and other symptoms associated with this problem. Surgery for this condition is called hemorrrhoideltomy and it should be your previous option due to the risk factors and the price tag on the procedures. You should learn how to treat external hemorrhoids without surgery first, and if the symptoms do not get better in several times then surgery might be necessary.

Self care treatments you can perform at home are actually effective and are much less high-risk and much more inexpensive than surgery. One of the most effective home treatments you can use to take care of yourself is called a hot sitz shower.

A hot sitz shower involves soaking in a tub filled with warm normal water no less than twelve to fifteen minutes to effectively reduce the pain and lump of your condition. You should take a standort bath 3 times every day and after every bowel movement.

Making changes in your diet is yet another effective way to treat external loads. These changes in your daily diet should involve drinking more liquids, eating more green vegetables, and increasing your fiber intake.

Some other self care treatment options you can consider using are stool softeners, an air doughnut for sitting down, ice packs, and also the counter medicines which supports with the irritation or inflammation. However, many of these non-prescription medications can cause more harm than good therefore it is best talking to your doctor just before using any of them.