How To Replace Your Old Pump With A Pentair WhisperFlo

The Pentair WhisperFlo is one of the most useful pumps available which is why many swimming trust are being retrofitted for them. Based on your current energy rates, this pump can pay for itself in 1 year and then you will be able to continue keeping on energy use for living of the pool pump. With this tutorial, we will tak you through the installation process. Pentair pumps

The first task is to remove your existing pump. Turn off the breaker to the equipment before you start working on the electrical. It is highly highly recommended to use a volt meter to be sure that there is not any voltage visiting the electric motor, sometimes breakers do not work properly, you also may have turned off the incorrect breaker. If you are unsure with electric work, please hire a professional. Once the electric power is crooked, remove the back motor cover then remove the wire fittings now finally remove the wires and conduit. 

You will now need to cut out the water lines for the suction and pressure line. Cut away very little pipe as possible, you can always get back and remove extra if needed. After the plumbing has been lower out, you can now eliminate the old pool pump. You can now you can put Pentair WhisperFlo in their place. The inlet plumbing related is glued in first. Before changing any of the plumbing, look and find out if there are any joints and bends that could be removed, the straighter the road, the easier the pool water will flow. As no two pumps are the same height, you will need glue in the suction line first, this is accomplished by using two angled furnishing to raise or lower the height. We suggest installing unions just before the pump, these are a 2 piece nut that can make up for slight dissimilarities in the position of the plumbing, also they can be unscrewed so that you can take the WhisperFlo make to service without reducing the pipes. Follow the same process for the pressure side.

Now you will need to focus on the electrical. Most of the pumps operate on 115 or 230 v, depending on which model you install, you may have to modify the wiring or breakers. Some Pentair WhisperFlo pumps can be wired for either, usually anything 2 hp and above only will run on 230 volts. Be mindful when wiring the motor, if you set it up for the wrong ac electricity, you can destroy it. Most motors have a sticker with a wiring diagram.

Before you begin up the system, you need to leave the plumbing stuff dry for a reasonable amount of time, the colder the temperature, the longer it will take to set up. Change the pool equipment breaker on but make sure the timers are off. Fill the pump holder up with water by using a hose before starting up. Reset the timers to the correct time and turn on the pump. Bleed the air out of your system via the mess on the filter. Finally search for leaks and enjoy your projects.