How to Create a Profit Pulling WordPress Blog Today

The WordPress Platform has come far since the early on days, so much to enable you to now easily control every function of your WordPress Blog from a fairly easy to handle WordPress Admin Dashboard….

Set up your WordPress Theme, Set up your WordPress Plugin, Mount Affiliate Products, Optimize your WordPress Blog.

Now if you have never used WordPress before you may well be going into a cold sweat just considering this….

Worry not, it is simpler than you may think….. I actually recommend following the simple steps before you even learn to think about the technical stuff.. now most would tell you get a domain name and so forth

Ok, that is fifty percent right, but if you stick to the steps suggested below, then a likelihood is you will get your WordPress Blog setup right – First Time…… 

Step one particular – Research and choose a distinct segment

This kind of is an important very first step, this will get your creative work head on, just get a blank document and write down maybe 5 things that interest you. Once you have your list, then you can certainly check how popular these ideas may be by using for example the Google Key phrase research tool Anylazer…

Stage 2 – Choosing your Domain Name

Choosing a Website name could be a two minute job, for example if you need to self-brand yourself, if therefore it would be a case of signing up yourname. com

If you are looking to blog about a certain market, more basic research is required. I would also suggest you look to try and decided on a keyword rich. To get example, if you are blogging about Bonsai Trees and shrubs then try and get this within your Website Name.

Step 3 – Registering your Domain Brand

There are plenty of Domain Name Subscribes out there, I have used a few, during the last year I actually have used Namecheap. junto de for a number of reasons, they are cost-effective, offer free WHOIS Gaurd to protect your Personal Details and with their money off coupons you can secure your Domain for under $9. 00!. In the event you enter “Namecheap Promotion Code – July 2009” then you can reduce the cost.

Step 4 – Creating your Web hosting Account

It is necessary you get this step right, We have in the former lost out with Service provider companies disappearing overnight and with it your websites and business. It can be personal choice who you decide to number with, To obtain the Hostgator. junto de, the reasons to it they are reliable and cheap, offer 24-7 customer service and help you get started you could get the first weeks hosting for only one particular cent!

Step 5- Modernizing your DNS Nameservers

This kind of step is required to have your Domain Identity Register, ‘point’ your Website Name to your ‘webspace’ so when people type your WordPress Blog Site Address into their Net Browser, it will automatically go to where your WordPress Blog is installed. Your Webhosting company can provide your Nameservers Information – for example- ns1. yourwebhoster. com, ns2. yourwebhoster. por you would access ‘Transfer to Webhost’ in your Domain Control Panel and enter the Nameserver Info and Update. It can take up to twenty-four Hours to propgate the information and point to your webspace.

Step a few – Installing your WordPress Blog

? nternet site described in Step 4 it is crucial to choose the appropriate Webhosting Company for your webhosting needs, one of the reasons being that they will supply a powerful function called ‘Fantastico De Luxe’, so with a few clicks of your mouse you can have your WordPress Blog page installed in under three minutes.