How to Choose the Ideal Bathroom Flooring

Stage safely out of the bath with this essential guide to stylish and useful flooring


Although stone, such as slate and marbled, tends to be expensive, there’s a major choice of styles. It’s tough and can be used with underfloor heating, but it needs sealing. Prices start at around? 25 every sq m. Bathroom fitter esher

These have the appearance and feel of stone, but with no natural flaws and higher price marking. They’re hard wearing, delete word and can be used with underfloor heating. Rates start at around? 31 per sq m.

Real wood is not well suited for bathrooms, but designed wood flooring, which has a top layer of hardwood, is. It can be used with underfloor heating, but do check. Prices from around? forty five per sq m.

Laminates provide you with the look of wood or stone, but not all are well suited for bathrooms or for underfloor heating, so check purchasing. It costs from around? 10 per sq meters. 

Vinyl flooring can replicate the look of wood or stone but is quieter and drier underfoot. It’s also durable, inexpensive, quick to fit and is used with carbon-film underfloor heating. Convertible top costs from around? 15 per sq m.

Flexible, warm and smooth, rubber flooring is available in tons of colours. It absorbs noise and is fall resistant and hygienic. That can usually be used with underfloor heating, but check with your dealer. Prices start at around? 40 per sq meters.

These can improve slip resistance because of all the binding material lines, and can be used with underfloor warming. Ensure you use a grout suited to the underfloor (the floor the floors is laid on). Rates from around? 100 every sq m.


Calculate how much floors you require by multiplying the length of the bedroom by the width to get the number of sq m. Add 15cm to each measurement for wastage.

Before fitting check that the subfloor is clean, clean, dry and level. If it’s not level, your flooring fitter or supplier should be able to give you a suitable solution.

Natural stone should be sealed before or right after fitting, depending on type of stone. Sealant, available from Shops and stone-flooring retailers, is a the liquid that you paint or wipe to repel water and marks. You’ll then need to keep up it with monthly treatment.

For a perfect finish flooring should be fitted by someone that installs systems for a living, except if you’re an expert DIYer. Your retailer should organise this or put you in touch with a fitter.

With rubber floor coverings you need to use a suitable matte or high shine polish to the surface following your floor has recently been fitted and then routinely strip and re-polish to keep it looking the best.


Several flooring has an 3rd there’s r rating to show the slip resistance. Look out for at least R10 when buying bathroom floors. Ask the flooring store regarding this.