How Effective Is Your Marketing Funnel?

I would really like to talk to you today with regards to your marketing funnel. Carry out you have one away of place yet? We would like one to consider this. Clickfunnels cost

When speaking about an internet business or any business in fact the saying “don’t put your eggs in the one basket” is a very apt one. What was i saying, well if you concentrate your entire initiatives on creating one income stream what are the results if that stream suddenly dries up? Say the company you are making your money with folds or the product you are offering is no longer available to you. Exactly what are you left with? No business for a start. 

Therefore what is the response? Create multiple streams of income. If one stream dries up you have others to fall again on. It’s all well me saying this but how would you do this? The answer is to create a marketing funnel and create income streams within this funnel.

Just what marketing funnel?

Imagine a channel it’s wide at the pinnacle and narrow at the bottom level isn’t it. Your job is to get several people as possible into the wide part of your funnel and slowly and gradually guide them towards the bottom.

Here’s how good it is, you offer people a no cost video course, eBook or report to entice them to provide you with their details. Make sure these are generally of value to your possible client or they won’t bother registering for your freebie.

You then, throughout your autoresponder emails sell them a low priced product that will allow them to with the challenge they are having, it could be lead generation or something similar. Once they buy so affordable costed product they are now a buyer of yours. You now know that they are willing to pay money to get the information they need, so you then provide them with a mid range costed product like a training course that will allow them to.

Eventually you will introduce them to your high ticket offer. You want to get as much people as possible to this stage of your funnel because where the real money is made.

Certainly not everyone will get this considerably down your funnel, the majority will not get past the free part of your funnel. You really don’t want these people anyway as they are only a drain on your time and effort. You want people that actually want to learn how to further their education and are willing to pay for it. We’ve all done it, we’ve all been part of somebody’s marketing funnel sooner or later or other haven’t we?

Consequently have you got all the parts of your funnel set up yet? Include a look at what you are selling at the moment and see if you have received your funnel build appropriately from free to high ticket offers. If you see any gaps in the process, exercise what products you sell to fill these gaps. When you have the breaks completed you are ready to get several people as possible into the top of your launch throughout your website, blog, capture pages etc.