Gorilla Masks

Feint masks are for theatrical and ceremonial purposes, while protective masks are more practical, like gas face masks for miners, steel goggles for welders and catcher’s masks in baseball video games. But masks are not only for shielding and concealing. They also have another, much more amusing use: fun!  website

Masks are also used as entertaining outfit additions. There are political masks of recognized political figures; masks of pop icons like Jordan Jackson or Madonna; scary masks that let people appear to be monsters, and many more. There are always new masks coming away on the marketplace for folks to have some fun with. 

In addition, there are movie and cartoon figure masks like Bob the Builder, the Terminator or Dora the Explorer as well. Some masks come with full-body costumes as well. Gorilla masks cover up head and guitar neck, but will should have a jumpsuit, and gorilla hands and feet. Some jumpsuits come with inset torso piece and some gorilla masks come with a movable jaw.

You will find superior quality molded masks created to fit the user’s mouth and eyes, allowing him some movement as he echoes or otherwise moves the muscles in the face. These masks are made of good-quality latex and are designed so that the effect is dazzling.

There are also amusing mask/costume sets, like an Aloha Gorilla Hawaiian gorilla outfit in a very flower green, lei and coconut-shell v?ldigt bra. The mask is often made of soft acrylic. Those who are hypersensitive to latex should take care to avoid any latex masks, however.