Effective Uses For Your Car Cup Holder

Along with a cup holder in the inside design of a car may have been the highest idea since sliced bread. Nevertheless, using it for a cup only is an in depth minded notion. With so a great many other things to toss in it, popular of which I’ll include in this information, you have the ability to create a home away from home, or a mobile office. magnetic phone mount

Cups and beverages are the natural choice. We all thank the auto industry for including a glass holder in the room design of our vehicles. Cups of coffee, wine bottles of water, and even the now popular energy drinks can accompany all of us on our morning drive to the office, or when picking the kids up from school. Less the occasional spill, almost all of us just take this simple application for awarded. 

As cell phones and PDA’s be commonplace, so does putting these devices into the drink holder. With its location being closely within reach, it makes grabbing that call all the more easier. (I want to make a note that numerous claims are passing “hands free” laws regarding cellular phone consumption, and although Certainly we should be driving first, texting once stopped, the cup holder is still a logical place for these kind of devices. ) With most cars coming standard with multiple drink slots, there are numerous places for numerous devices, in conjunction with cell telephones and PDA’s, there are pagers, remotes for drive button start cars, and gaming devices.

The high school or school pupil in us still might use the cup holder for change. I know my own cup holder a few cars again was full of pennies. When ever driving through the fast food window, or even waiting in line at one, it wasn’t unusual for me to stay and count out forty five cents or even more in cents to pay for my burger or soda. I think you’re smiling to yourself as you read this, because there never appears to be any coins inside over a nickel, besides that dirty dime, that’s concealing with the pennies.

Generally there? s one last subject, and probably the most creative. Various articles online describe a laptop dish that extends from the cup holder in your car. Constructed of PVC pipe, duct tape, and glue, this inventive 2 described as making the morning commute more interesting. Cool idea or not, I don’t promote using any device while the car is on, or more importantly while it is at motion. For more information (or to get a picture with a detailed description) search “cup holder laptop tray” on any search engine.