Effective Home Staging Tip Series #1 – What is Home Staging and What is it Not?

Since the real estate market has cooled and many Real Estate Professionals and home sellers are battling to sell their properties quickly, many think the easiest method to survive is to lower their budgets for setting up their listings.

“Studies show that pulling back on staging your listings during a recession actually damages, rather than helps with home sales. Listings that are staged and costed competitively sell by 60 % the time that non-staged properties do. inchesĀ Home Staging
That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t find lower cost options to help you prepare your properties available for sale.

I made a decision to create the “do it yourself” Home Buyer Attraction Program to meet this dependence on valuable information at a lower cost than traditional staging services. The machine provides real estate professionals and home sellers with the knowledge and skills which i have acquired working in the field over the last few years. That they and strategies are which may work in a seller’s market and they will work in a bidder’s market to make your property truly stand away in the marketplace and draw buyers to you.

Therefore, over the next few days I’ll lead you through a brief, but inform ation packed series how you can start transforming your listing or home into a home buyer magnet.

Let’s start with a very important distinction: What is House Staging and What is it Not?

Home Holding (House Staging, House Fluffing, House Primping, Real Property Staging, Staging Design) is the ability of designing a home to offer quickly and for TOP DOLLARS. It’s the most proven way to get top dollars for your home as you get it ready for sale.

What House Staging is NOT… Is actually not merely decorating. It needs to be strategic. A great important thing for both Real Estate Agents and Home Sellers to keep in mind is that before starting the staging process, you require to identify who is most likely to buy the house, otherwise known as your target home buyer.

Staging is not simply about hanging up some skill, sticking a tree in the corner and adding pretty pillows to the sofa. This appears to be the misconception often times. By knowing who the point buyer is, you will be able to create a lifestyle to appeal to this specific group of possible buyers. Because a real estate agent, you can then design a marketing plan to attract those self same people.

I remember a particular property that We were hired to “stage”. It was for an agent client of mine. The interesting thing about this property was it was a job that was going to be an opt to him since the original Stager he hired for that project flaked on him at the last small. I usually don’t work on properties that My spouse and i haven’t had a “relationship” with, meaning I don’t have seen the house and the sellers have never gone through my staging consultation process so that they totally understand what needs to be done in planning and shown how they were going to stay in their staged home. Very well, to no one’s delight, after i arrived to do my ‘thing”, the house was NOT READY. This was a tiny house, but it was a family house with parents and several kids. There were shoes and dirty routine laundry all over the house, the small kitchen and bath were cluttered and dirty, beds were not made, it was NOT REALLY READY! When I talked with the owner, their comment was “well, cannot you merely stage around myself? ” The answer to that was an unqualified “NO! “. I remaining that property, unstaged. My personal mistake was agreeing to do the job in the first place. We thought I had been doing the agent a favor, but really, I wasn’t doing anyone any favors.

I actually understand that real property professionals and home retailers are anxious to start out marketing their properties as quickly as possible, NEVERTHELESS take a moment to considercarefully what you’re allowing to be marketed. KEEP IN MIND, you only have 1 chance to produce a FIRST impression, make it the best one possible!!!

Stay fine-tined for more for #2 in our Effective Residence Staging Tip Series where we will address what really sells a family house.