Easter and the Sun Festival of Marriage to Mary and Celebration With Orgies

While this festival approaches and preparations to celebrate it are underway the origins of Easter is probably not on the heads of many. Religiously they probably assume that it pertain to the death of Jesus Christ, but it is than that. It is history predates even the earliest records and it may have preceded man. It is related to the sun and the return in spring. That was heralded by the equinox and the created when the ‘eye-star’ was viewed.Wedding in Hungary

In the times before science and familiarity with the universe was known and long before man knew the earth is round or that space is so large that no person can reach it in a long time there was dreaming. The images in the archaeological records of the circle and combination are numerous and they are generally described on rocks pointing to where the sun-star could be viewed. But one image from Tata in Hungary is far more showing.

It is of the right-angled cross etched on the rounded nummulite (shell) fossil and it is something that could not need recently been made by nature. This dates to 400, 1000 yrs ago also to a time when humans were only just then emerging away of Africa. For this to have been in the place where it was found indicates it flipped out possibly an target created by pre-human man who might have recently been Homo Erectus or another types of humans before Homo Sapiens.

After my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit it commissioned myself to ‘tear down the wall of churches and reestablish the young. ‘ To achieve that it led me personally over a long learning competition that took in early on human history and specifically the things related to Babylon and Islam.

Their chief God is Margaret who men considered they could ‘marry’ by declining on crosses at start. Their mating was recognized with orgies in the streets of ancient metropolitan areas in addition to Rome (Roma in Italian).

The city was occupied by the Amors who worshiped the sunlight, as all people do. They are recorded in ancient texts as challenging, animal like monsters who raided, stole, enslaved, killed, and built a huge empire. They can be better known as the Persians who had been defeated by Alexander of Macedonia.

They will went into the Mediterranean and built Roma (reverse Amor) and continued in their ruthless ways as the Romans. Their website link to Babylon is indisputable and one of their numbers was Constantine who established the Roman Catholic Church. He reinstated the Mother God of Babylon, Mary, in it as the Mother of Our god and set up Jesus Christ as her son.

This individual also introduced the Trinity god-head and the idea of heaven and terrible are weapons of seduccion to get people in and keep them. My own reincarnation proves that no such places exist and my research and knowledge is currently so comprehensive that it can simply be assimilated here slightly and there a little, as observed in prophecy (Isaiah twenty eight: 9-11).

“And in this day shall the deaf notice the words of the book, and the sight of the blind shall see out of humble, and out of night. ” (Isaiah 29: 18)

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