Chocolate – Health and Hazards

Chocolates comes in all forms and sizes. It is one commodity that can be manipulated to accommodate any situation; Easter time recognizes chocolate bunnies and ovum, Christmas advent calendars rely down the days until December 25th and Valentines day gives rise to cardiovascular system and rose shaped emblems of love – chocolates. A craving for powdered cocoa can be satisfied by a wide variety of tempting chocolate delights. CBD Wholesale

The history of chocolate advances itself towards mysticism and decadence. The Mayan people worshiped the cacao shrub; cacao being the Mayan word meaning “God Food”. The Mayans roasted and pounded the cacao plant seeds and brewed these into a spicy, bitter special drink with maize and Capsicum peppers (chilies). The drink was available to ceremonies or for the religious and wealthy top notch among the tribe. That was the Aztecs, who lived further up North from the Mayans, who considered cocoa beans to be an aphrodisiac, a reputation that has implemented chocolate in to the 21st 100 years.

Today there is constant debate surrounding the health great things about chocolate. A recent revelation explained that chocolates consumed daily in small quantities could reduce the odds of cardiovascular problems as well as have a significant effect on high blood pressure. Brian Buijsse, a nutritional epidemiologist and his team at the German Institute of Human Nutrition in Nuthetal, followed over 19 500 adults during 10 years. The study included examinations and recurring questionnaires about the subjects’ chocolate consumption. The results revealed that folks who ate an average of 7. 5 grams of chocolate daily were at a 27% lower risk of heart attacks and were at a 47% lower stroke risk. They also had lower blood pressure than patients who consumed less chocolate. The experts attributed these results to the high level of flavanols in chocolate. Flavanols are specific antioxidants which are more copious in chocolate with a higher cocoa level such as dark chocolate. Buijsse however does stress the point that eating as part of a balanced and healthy diet is important.

That’s where chocolate may become a hazard to some, according to Doctor Bankole A Johnson, a specialist of addictive behaviour items out some surprising information about chocolate. According to Meeks the ingredients in candy have an important effect of the chemistry of the brain; chocolate contains cannabinoids, the compounds that cause the high from cannabis. However the concentration of these cannabinoids is too low to have an effect and it’s the caffeine, tyramine and tryptophan in chocolate that the brain converts into serotonin and dopamine; feel good chemicals. There is more to enjoying chocolate’s wealthy and creamy sweetness and chemicals. We are trained to recognise that the opening of any chocolate wrapper is a prelude to something enjoyable.