5 Reasons Why Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich Is Better Than Apple’s iOS?

Apple at long last revealed the iOS 6 at WWDC 2012. Despite the fact that, it brings various enhancements and a truckload of elements, Apple’s iOS still lingers behind Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) from numerous points of view. Give us a chance to investigate a portion of the courses in which Ice Cream Sandwich is a vastly improved working framework than the iOS. feature points hack

Unrivaled Multitasking

ICS offers an unrivaled multitasking alternative than iOS. The ‘Current Apps’ catch on the Android 4.0 gadgets, makes it easy to multitask on Android gadgets. When you squeeze this catch, all the applications that you have utilized as of late, will flawlessly stack out for you to utilize. After this, you can just tap to revive any required application or swipe to close it.

Then again, iOS sets aside a few minutes devouring procedure. It expects you to double tap the Home catch after which it shows as of late utilized applications after which you need to swipe left or right and look for the application that you need to utilize and after that tap the coveted application to change over to it.

Home Screen and Resizable Widgets

ICS gives an adjustable home screen its clients; you can without much of a stretch gathering together your applications and easy routes into organizers on the home screen of your Android gadget. Additionally, it empowers you to implant live application content straightforwardly through intuitive gadgets. In this manner, you can check your mail, play music, check live updates and do substantially more utilizing adjustable gadgets without propelling any application. Since these gadgets are resizable, you can modify their size keeping in mind the end goal to spare space on your home screen.

iOS could not hope to compare to ICS as it gives an exceptionally fundamental and static home screen.


Despite the fact that Apple has enhanced its Notifications Center, there is still degree for development. The present method for showing notice is truly irritating for the clients since iOS demonstrates every warning as a flip-down flag.

Android notices are greatly improved for this situation. It comprises of a basic draw down plate that gives you the choice to flick away undesirable warnings and spare the essential ones to see later. Likewise, you can straightforwardly pull down the notices window without opening your Android gadgets (from its bolt screen itself).

Face Unlock

Face Unlock is a standout amongst the most developed element in Android 4.0 that iOS needs. It utilizes a unique facial acknowledgment innovation with the goal that no one other than the proprietor of the gadget can bolt or open the gadget. This makes your gadget to a great degree individual and secures it pleasantly. On the other hand, you can utilize a PIN reinforcement or example before you begin utilizing this choice to open your gadgets, making it completely safeguard.

More Hardware Variety Options

This is one of the repeating contrasts amongst iOS and any Android OS. Despite the fact that Apple refreshes its working framework with heaps of upgraded elements and capacities, it has its impediments when we talk as far as equipment choices.

All the more imperatively, the iPhone has brandished pretty much a similar investigate the previous couple of years and designers and clients confront a deadlock when they need to explore different avenues regarding a greater screen, require expandable capacity choices and so on. This is the place Ice Cream Sandwich beats the iOS.

With everything taken into account, you wouldn’t be baffled by Apple’s most recent iOS refresh. However, when contrasted with Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich, you will be left needing for additional.