10 Great Reasons to Travel with Children:


Yes, traveling with children can be frustrating and exhausting at times.  However, everything has an upside, and family travel definitely has some great ones.  Here is just a partial listing of some of the advantages of traveling with children. Check out this listing of 10 great reasons to travel with children.


In these times when everyone is going their separate ways and having a hard time even finding time for a family meal, this is one time everyone can actually spend some quality time together and share some great experiences.


As they are exposed to a world outside of their home town, your children will blossom with unexpected views and ideas and you’ll find that you will be totally caught up in their excitement of the world around them. Make your children wear the best clothing. Especially best travel jacket to avoid any cold from getting to them.


Children are more apt to reach out and interact with other people.  In most cultures children are welcomed and adults are more apt to talk with and respond to a child.  As a parent, you are apt to be caught up in the interest generated by your child and as a result are apt to have closer encounters with the local population.


As you travel with children, you are giving them the opportunity to appreciate cultural diversity and tolerance for other people.  This is a great gift to give to your child.


Children will learn some great lessons in adaptability and overcoming obstacles while traveling.  If you’ve been on any trips at all, with or without children, you know something, somewhere is going to get totally out of your control.  By keeping your cool and coming up with solutions or alternate plans, your child will get a bird’s eye view of how you handle problems and obstacles life throws at you.  By providing this example to your children, you are once again teaching them valuable lessons, and hopefully you will grow in their esteem as they watch you problem solve and protect them.Read the rest of this entry:


Travel is a great way to unplug your children from modern technology.  These days children are not aware there was life that didn’t include computers, game systems and the Internet.  Traveling and exposing children to cultural and physical activities is a great way to foster interests that children are not even aware exists outside of the technical world they live in.


Along with that thought, your children will get to see the real thing.  Yes, they’ve seen pictures of the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, or the Tower of London but the grandeur of these famous places cannot be felt in pictures.  One cannot  gaze upon the Grand Canyon without feeling a depth of awe to their very soul.  No pictures can do justice or even approach the sense of adventure while snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.


You can also create wonderful memories that are the subject of many discussions around holiday tables.  You will probably not be surprised to learn that most of these memories will be of things that were considered total mega disasters at the time they happened.  With some time and distance, these often become the fondest of all memories.


And the best reason of all, by traveling together and sharing experiences, you’ll find the family growing closer together.  By learning new things about each other, helping each other through various hard times and problems while traveling, a new love and understanding of each other will bloom and grow.  Loving and bonding, isn’t that what family life is all about?



So if you are planning some family travel time together, join in this community and share your experiences and ideas to help us all create some memorable trips and memories.  What are your favorite memories of family travel?  Is there some destination you feel shouldn’t be missed?  Let us know your opinion.  We’d love to hear it.

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